More sketches from 2022

Going through the second half of the year or so, looking at some of the sketches I have done... most of these have been posted on my instagram page  close to the date they were completed.

I have added the better ones to my webpage

I will work on adding them to my pinterest page as well.

I think I have made some progress this past year, I am getting to be a little bit more skilled as a draftsman, though I am not sure I am doing anything that approaches "art" yet.
I am working on a couple larger works that, for whatever reason, didn't get done this year but a lot of these sketches, especially the ones where I seem to do the same subject over and over again, are in preparation for larger works where I am trying to work out the ideas in my mind. And most of the time I am not even really sure what that means.

I am still not really sure why I am doing all this but I have gotten past the laboriousness of the task to the point where it is more of a meditative habit. And I suppose one could have worse habits than to spend the first 30 minutes after waking in the morning putting pen or brush to paper in the form of some practice sketching.
So on to a new year...

Anyway, the sketches I added to the gallery are these: