Transitioning Terrains

I have been playing around with this idea for some time in the sketchbooks.

I finally figured it is done.
It is an oil painting on a plywood panel measuring 16" by 20".

It seems the young people I have around me have become the smarter ones.
They remind me of the important things in life. The ways I should be thinking about things.
And now I have another even younger person to watch grow.

I suppose I may have some small part in his development although I imagine it is likely I will learn more from him.
Learning the important things in life to keep in mind as we grow older.
And watching my own daughter learn from her child.

Thinking about the transitioning from soft to firm footing and back again, constantly shifting topography, holding hands a full generation apart.

Is one following the other?
Who will be following who as the years come and go?

Transitioning Landscapes, 16x20, oil on plywood panel

There was a lot of rough sketching that went on as I was thinking about it.
Here are some of those.

Art by John Huisman
Art by John Huisman
Art by John Huisman
Artwork by John Huisman

I am sure there are others.

Anyway, I have been stuck with this one long enough. Like it or not, it's time to move on.
If I want to explore this idea more it will have to be in a completely new piece some time.