Custom Built, Hand Carved Doors

I always seemed to have a fascination with entry doors and, having been a home builder for many years, I have had the opportunity to build quite a few entry doors for the homes that I have constructed as well as for others who have sought me out to build a special door for their own home. I have shipped them all over the country now and they have become a particularly enjoyable part of my business as they have become artistic creation in and of themselves.


This link will take you to the new website I am creating where you will be able to buy prints on demand if you so desire and also join my email list. Gradually I will be moving over to this site completely.

Huisman Concepts inc

This link will take you to the website for my custom home building company with pictures of many of the projects I have contracted to build over the last several decades.

Since 1993


I have been lucky enough over the years to be able to pursue work that I find rewarding and satisfying. The people that have sought me out have been wonderful to work for and have appreciated the way I do business, my honesty, my craftsmanship and my attention to detail.

I have enjoyed the work immensely and hope to continue being able to share my work with and get to know folks who appreciate having pieces of my work as much as I enjoy producing it.


Completed carved Butternut panels for Carved Entry door