woor carving, sustom carved maple door


I am a native of the Twin Cities, growing up in the Inver Grove Heights area. I moved to Northern Minnesota in 1984 and ended up living there for over 30 years. There I met my wife and together we built a home for ourselves and our four children in the wilderness near Ely, Minnesota.

I enjoy woodworking, carving, drawing, writing and music. Many of my hand carved doors can be seen around Ely Minnesota and on the homes I have built as a contractor in the area. In 2015, my wife and I decided to experiment with big city life again and we now have residence in the Twin Cities Metro area and in Ely though I still spend most of my time in Ely running my construction business.

I began my art career has a young man in the 80's but soon raising a family and running a business left me little time to promote or work on my art. Over the past few years however, I have found some opportunities to display my work which produced positive reviews. With this encouragement, I have again become active in the art world and am looking for more opportunities to exhibit my work.