Figure drawing session at Art Works 5/26/22

I managed to make it to a figure drawing session on 5/26/22 at Art Works in Eagan.
I guess I wasn't completely disappointed with my work when I looked at it the next day.
We usually start off with ten poses at one minute each for gesture drawings, these are mostly charcoal and soft pencil on newsprint paper:

1 mn gesture charcoal on newsprint

Then we move to some 5 and 10 and 15 minute:

5 mn charcoal on newsprint
10-15 mn 5b pencil on newsprint

After a break we did one 40 minute pose. This one I did in a regular sketch book with pencil:

40 minute, pencil

I am finding the, even with a time crunch, it is important to take extra time to look and relax.
Tension in this, as with most things I do, is my worst enemy.