Ball point pen sketch

A few days ago someone over at artistry put up an activity "challenge" on their facebook page to do a sketch with a ball point pen, the idea being to completely use up all the ink on a single sketch.  These are fun sorts of activities occasionally put out there these days when we are sort of hunkered down in our homes so I decided to give it a shot. Took me a whole day just to find a ball point pen at all.  I ended up finding two and only one that I could get to work. 

To be fair, I think I am cheating a little since this is one of those pens that one of those promotional material companies used to send to me with my company name on it as a sample. I have always suspected that these come with a less than full load of ink. Still it took a couple hours to run it dry.

Ball Point pen sketch by John Huisman
Ball Point pen sketch by John Huisman

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