Life drawing session at Old Town

I manged to get to a life drawing session this week at Old Town Artists in St. Paul.
A very nice quiet setting there and a good model.
I have known about the Old Town sessions for may years and have always managed to find an excuse not to go, but since we don't have our Eagan sessions anymore I have been working harder at making this leap out of my comfort zone.

I only stayed two hours, 9:00 is already past my bedtime and it is a 28 minute drive home.

I felt good after the first pose, like "I got this", but then the usual struggles with proportions etc.
But after an hour I felt like I settled in and got more comfortable.
It's funny, a few years back I could never imagine sitting and drawing for more than a half hour at a time but now I have actually gotten into periods where the time doesn't exist. I don't think I have quite achieved a flow state yet but maybe some day.

We started with three 3 minute poses and then went right into one long pose for the rest of the time.

Figure drawing , John Huisman
Figure drawing , John Huisman