Daily figure drawing practice

I am trying to work larger on the page with this. Seems like I start bigger usually and then things shrink down as I get more accurate with the forms. So I tend to work with small compartments of the page.
Here I tried to start large and stay large. Some success I guess. Learning a little at a timeā€¦
A lot of my figure references come from some great youtube videos put out for free by New masters Academy like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sio9KRgRUSY
It seems like there used to be a lot more of those videos, I think they are disappearing over time which would be unfortunateā€¦
Anyway, this is my sketch from this week. I used a Noodlers Ink pen with water soluble walnut colored ink which I can push around with a water brush a little bit giving an interesting effect. The sketch book is 9x12 so we are not talking huge here, I am just trying to fill the page. There is probably about 2 to 3 hours into this so multiple days on one drawing...


Pen and ink art by john Huisman