Where to from Here?

This is a project I have been working on for a couple years. I almost scrapped it several times and  am not so sure that that wouldn't have been a good idea but with an upcoming art show and nothing new to put in it, I decided I would bring it to some degree of completion and call it done.
This one and one other drawing I completed in the past year will be displayed at the AWE member show at the Art works building in Eagan with an opening on May 2nd, (hopefully I will be there).
Here is the "completed" work:

Oil painting by John Huisman

Before and during the process of doing something like this I spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. I generally don't even know what that means but I do a lot of rough sketching some colored studies. I went through all my sketchbooks and found as many of those as I could:

The other piece that will be in the Art Works show in Eagan will be this one:

Pouring the steps, 18x24 pencil drawing by John Huisman

More finished works can be seen here: http://john-huisman.com/artwork/