Dewey’s Barn, watercolor and ink sketch

This is a quick sketch of a scene in and old barn that belongs to my sister and her husband Dewey out in the country south of the Twin Cities. We often have our family thanksgiving get togethers out there and I usually try to find some time to go out and poke around in the barn. As with most old barns there is unlimited subject matter there for sketching... Old things...

Here is a quick watercolor and ink sketch I recently did. Just s scene that seemed to catch my attention somehow. I will add it to the "from the sketchbooks" page on the website.

Dewey's barn, the lantern, watercolo and ink sketch by Minnesota Artist John Huisman

I don't have anything near what would be necessary for a "series" but I remembered I had this one older pencil drawing that I did a few years ago.  Same barn, and one of my kids when they were much younger than they are today:

An Old Barn, 14x17 graphite on paper

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