9/14/19 AWE Figure drawing session

As part of their Eagan art block, Art Works had as free figure drawing session this past Saturday, 9/14, along with the open house at their building. It was a little different than the usual figure drawing sessions as there we people walking around looking at the art on the walls and talking. And being a public event, the model was clothed. It started off as usual for me, a bit of aggravation, nothing is working etc, but then I settle in and things seemed to go OK. Seemed a bit more difficult as the clothes throw off proportions a little and I needed to force myself to look a little deeper and make sure I understood where the movement is, hips, shoulders, spine etc, and then the additional challenge of the fabric. I got home and looked at what I had done and give them a quick fixative spray and I wasn't completely disappointed so I guess that is success. Here are my sketches.


9/14/19 AWE figure drawing session
9/14/19 AWE figure drawing session, John Huisman
9/14/19 AWE figure drawing session, John Huisman

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